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What’s in here for you

The description says it all: "Multifaceted observations, answers, and questions on life, the universe, and everything."

That’s rather broad, isn’t it?

That’s on purpose. I don’t like to limit myself to any specific topic.

But if you’d like me to narrow it: navigating life (with a neurodivergent brain).

Why is “with a neurodivergent brain” in brackets?

Because 42 Sidenotes is not just for the neurodivergent!

I strongly believe that what the neurodivergent need, won’t go astray for neurotypicals either. In fact, I think they need it just as much, but have a higher tolerance for and capacity to overcome that need not being met.

What’s with the multifaceted?

I believe there's always more than one side to everything.

It's what makes life interesting!

It would be extremely boring if there’d always be only a single explanation for or interpretation of what we observe. It would make conversations futile and meaningless. There’d be absolutely no fun or stretching of minds, no reframes and no transformation.

Not my kind of world, I like nuance, and I am happy I get to share it.

What’s in here for you — more concretely

I write about anything and everything that helps me and I expect will help you to navigate life and do so with resilient confidence.

All so you can unconditionally accept yourself and others without getting trampled in the process, and unapologetically live your life your way (thanks, Frank).

Concretely, you’ll find tiny notes, sidenotes, and deep-dives into (but not limited to):

  • Identifying and connecting with what it means to be you.

  • Redesigning your life for (new) meaning and purpose.

  • Growing the mindset and resilient confidence to pursue your vision despite any real and perceived obstacles in your way.

  • Setting goals, mapping out your journey, beating procrastination, and also making procrastination work in your favor.

  • Staying on track when life throws you lemons.

What qualifies me to write about all that?

Having an, until recently unrecognized, neurodivergent brain, is what’s prompted my 30+ year quest to figure out how to navigate life in all its aspects.

It led me to do a lot of research, soul-searching, reading, pondering, and experimenting. All of which ultimately led to the insights I’ve gained and the seeds of the ones I’m still developing.

And, while finally recognizing my brain as neurodivergent gave me a renewed appreciation for how my life played out, I’ve also found that the fundamental questions remain the same, whether you’re neurodivergent or neurotypical. All that may be different is how you arrive at your answers and what you need to put in place to follow through on them.

Why subscribe?

Because you can.

Because getting my words delivered into your inbox ensures you’ll never miss them.

Because I’m bold enough to think that my experience has given me insights that’ll benefit anyone who cares to listen.

Because it supports me mentally and emotionally.

Without subscribers and followers, and without people caring enough to comment on my words, I’d quickly feel like I’m in a void.

I’d still write, but I might reconsider publishing it or sticking to any kind of schedule (as and when I’m able to.) You’d lose the opportunity to benefit from, disagree with, and even rant against my ideas. And I’d lose out on benefiting from yours.

A kinder, more inclusive world

Why do I write about what I write about?

Because I have to believe that I’m not the only one in this world seeking what I’m seeking:

  • A kinder, more inclusive world where everyone gets to decide who they are and want to be (without trampling over others) and is accepted as such.

  • A kinder, more inclusive world where you’re challenged and encouraged to go after what you want (without trampling over others), instead of limited by the ideas of what others think you’re capable off and can or should want.

  • A kinder, more inclusive world where how you treat yourself and others is the measure of your worth, not the money you manage to accumulate.

I strongly believe that what I’ve learned navigating life as a neurodivergent in a neurotypical world perfectly matches what we all need to develop (more) to achieve it: the ability to respond rather than react and to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Also, it’s not just wishful and utopian thinking on my part.

We urgently need to increase our (self-)awareness — our ability to respond — if we are to return this planet to a state that’ll sustain us and every other type of living being forever.

Because, no matter what Elon Musk and other billionaires playing at leaving this planet dream of, and even if they were to succeed in helping us leave this planet, we always take ourselves with us. And that includes everything we (mis)used to destroy this one.

So, instead of spending money and effort on ventures that’ll only have us repeat our history elsewhere, let’s create the circumstances that free all our minds to do their most creative thinking to stop our overgrazing.

42 Sidenotes is my contribution to get us there.

Please join me!

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Multifaceted observations, answers, and questions on life, the universe, and everything.


Interested in all life's interesting questions. Helping professionals craving new meaning & purpose to figure out, transition into, and succeed in starting a new chapter in their lives. 60+ years experience with an undiagnosed neurodivergent brain.